Welcome to the Centre of the Psyclone


It's said that it's better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness. Psyclone is both lighthouse and spotlight, offered in the hope that it will light up the shadows and reveal things that are being hidden from the reader about themselves and the world.

Psyclone is a novel with a difference. Not only is the fast-paced story crammed with information, which takes you to new areas of science and reality, research sources and supporting material are provided in an extensive appendix.

Psyclone is a channel for information that the powers-that-be would rather was kept away from people. Knowledge is power. Because of that your ignorance is bliss to those that use information suppression as a primary control method.

The sole purpose of the novel and this website is to connect people with crucially important information on a range of subjects and issues that affect every one of us. Woven within the novel is a blueprint with the potential to transform our world, literally.

Psyclone pulls together the findings of multi-disciplined research of the last century. The data falls into two main groups, problems and solutions. A fundamental problem as I see it is people’s lack of awareness about their potential and power, a disempowerment manufactured and constantly maintained by authoritarian structures of all kinds. Another problem is the chronic apathy fostered by an ignorance of what’s going on. That apathy is allowing Crimes Against Humanity to be committed everyday. It’s imperative that people are made aware of the problems and, doubly important, of the possible solutions. Reclaiming our power and developing our potential is the solution.

Models, data and information contained and linked to within Psyclone can be applied not only to solve problems on a variety of individual and social levels, but also to 'quantum-jump' an evolutionary advancement in ourselves as individuals and collectively as a species. You are so much more powerful than you know, politically and 'spiritually'. Reclaiming and developing that power can create new worlds, literally. Which may sound 'New Agey', but it is actually scientific fact. With that in mind some of the entries connect you with the leading edge work of some of the most advanced minds in the fields of science and human potential.

We are in a special, privileged, "information rich" position with access to more information via the Internet than it's possible to read or digest in a single human lifetime. We can connect with the paradigm shift taking place right now and accelerate the transition of our species out of the "era of slavery" into the era of physical and spiritual freedom if we study, analyse, question and act on the information being spread through Psyclone and this site.

Psyclone is about individual and collective empowerment. Once sufficiently informed and with a little imagination and daring we, all of us, can find new ways of doing things that benefit us all and could change the world for the better, quicker than you might think.

Various components of the book and this site form a workable blueprint, consisting of scientifically tried and tested technology and techniques. Those perceptive enough will see the potential in this information, the more proactive will embrace the knowledge and incorporate it into their lives, and in doing so join with others around the world in pushing back the shadow and catalysing that quantum leap out of the swamp into those amazing futures.


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