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Captured and tortured by the anti-terrorist squad, Jared’s life will never be the same. Rescued by a shadowy group of revolutionary freedom fighters he begins a journey that uncovers the hidden workings of a disturbingly familiar dystopia, and reveals suppressed and censored information with the potential to stimulate a revolutionary shift, individually, socio-politically, and globally, and ‘quantum-jump’ an evolutionary advancement throughout the human race.

An interactive appendix to the novel with over 200 entries and web links connects the reader with the leading edge work of some of the most advanced minds in the fields of science and human potential.

Out of the wreckage of the old, Psyclone supplies the blueprint for a new renaissance.

For technical reasons another hardcopy print run of Psyclone has been decided against. The decision was made on the basis of the fact that the interactivity and functionality of the ebook fulfils the purpose of the novel in a way not possible in hardcopy. For that reason, Psyclone is no longer available in hardcopy.

Prices and Payments

The ebook can now be downloaded free