Welcome to The Centre of the Psyclone. The purpose of this website, and the novel that it was originally created to platform, is to connect people with crucially important information on subjects and issues that affect every one of us. The range includes health, social sciences, politics, ethics and technology, with the aim being to provide usable perspectives outside of the narrow confines of mainstream discourse.

The name of the site was taken in part from the title of a book by Dr John Lilly, The Centre of the Cyclone. Among other things, Dr Lilly’s achievements include pioneering the original neuroscientific work in electrical brain stimulation, frontiering work in interspecies communication research with dolphins and whales, inventing the isolation tank and doing significant research in the area of sensory deprivation. The book, considered a classic in scientific research, discloses Dr Lilly’s research and sheds new understanding on human consciousness. It and other material can be accessed through the Book & Media page. The site is intended to serve as a, in Lilly’s words, ‘rising, quiet, central, low-pressure place in which one can learn…’