An Open Letter Regarding The Human Position

A hint of a new trajectory for 2016. Think of it like yoga for the brain.

Eliott Andrew Edge: An open letter regarding the human position 

1. Introduction

This is an open letter to address some observations presented before humanity. It is being written specifically because these observations have yet to be integrated into our daily waking lives. In other words, many of us seemingly don’t consider what is about to be explored in this letter. It is my opinion that to ignore these observations is to invite further tragedy and extreme boredom for the human enterprise. 

We are very used to thinking that we’re simply walking upon the surface of a sphere. We think that we are in a body that is both physically and psychically baptized and adorned in the local culture, and that there is a today, yesterday, and tomorrow to worry about. Using the faculty of thought in this way is like projecting and re-calculating our personalized self-image along with our knowledge of the world, the circumstances that we believe ourselves to be occupied in, upon the surface of our minds. This dictates our behavior and our existence.

If we zoom out a bit beyond this point however, we’ll see that this description isn’t sufficient. It isn’t nearly as accurate as what the case at hand demands. Once again we are not playing with a full deck. It is heliocentric, rather than cosmo-centric, if you will. This will not be difficult do demonstrate—as it is often that when individuals let go of what they think they know, three direct observations are commonly encountered.

2. On Reality

1) The fractal ecosystem—We’re living in a manifold of constantly evolving fractal sets. One “on top” of the other. This is not even remotely fringe science but is both acceptable and expected in most all scientific cosmogonies, regardless of whether or not they incorporate higher mathematical planes or like abstractions. We arguably encounter nothing but fractals throughout biology and physics. This fractal reality is a fractal experience.

2) Morrison’s hyper-entity—All life everywhere is connected, streaming out like an incalculable number of conscious tentacles moving throughout spacetime, but all emanating from one single living being.

This observation becomes very clear when one incorporates spacetime into the common analogy of the evolutionary “tree of life”, especially when we begin that tree of life with the very first blips of biological sentience in the universe, which then evolve and divide until its current incarnation as the complex lifeforms that live on planets (ex. earth). 

(Morrison’s explanation of the hyper-entity – begins @ 7m:31s)

Morrison states:

This isn’t metaphysics. This is actual physical reality when you think about it because most people don’t consider the dimension of time in their lives because they we see sections of time… Think of yourself as the leading edge of you, right? This is you right now you’re moving forward through time. But behind you there is all these different versions of you going back and back and back… Now imagine you can see that in time. It wouldn’t just be a guy with a back and a front. It would be a long trailing thing and it contains all of you and its got all these arms and all these eyes and it moves backwards through the door and backwards down the stairs and its getting younger all the time through that trail but like I say, we can’t see that. But If you could see that it would look like a huge snake and it would keep going back and there’s lots of those snakes and they all weave together…

And eventually you get to be one year old. Somewhere in time you are right now one year old because if you were not one year old you could not be here today. And that one year old then disappears up in his mothers womb. But you’re still physical you’re still the same you except it’s getting smaller and smaller and it goes in there and that same physical thing divides and egg cell and a sperm cell and the egg cell grows out of you’re mother, so it’s still present. Nothing’s gone away… The same thing happens to your mother and father and goes back into their mothers and fathers… Everybody in the human race goes back to the same human root and somewhere along the evolutionary tree we’re joined by apes. But it’s all still one thing. The tree is the one thing… In the first mitochondrial cell, the DNA cell, is still dividing inside your body right now. It’s immortal. It’s never died. It never went anywhere. It just keeps dividing and making copies of itself in all living forms.

So what we actually are is the amazing divided single cell which has grown itself across three and a half billion years in a gigantic—I imagine it, I see it in my head as a kind of anemone made out of people and bodies. And so we are the living edge of the smart part of it because we can think better than most of the other animals…

If you can understand that simple thing, if you can see the whole thing, the whole idea of life as a thing existing in time, then there’s only this one huge thing that lives on the planet earth. 

A huge living entity that feeds on forests and feeds on itself. And that’s us. That’s what we really are.

We are this one history. The physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology, and consciousness is one tree of life. This hyper-entity represents all the lifeforms and phenomena in all universes in all histories.

Another such hyper-entity is the Internet. The Internet is the living history of the first communication, which has since been transmitted, evolved, and multiplied into what we experience as the Internet today. Indeed, the universe, the brain, and the Internet all exhibit unsettlingly parallel structures that one could described as a cross between both Morrison’s hyper-entity and the fractal. 


3) Consciousness and/or thought can be considered as a kind of meta-tool: the tool behind all tools. This meta-tool can be used for far grander designs than is commonly used in “day-to-day” life, which is more often than not merely engaged in an act of repeating itself. The vast applications of this meta-tool can be experienced directly when thought is permitted to move beyond both pattern and self-enforced judgement.

This form of judgement literally cuts off the line of creative thinking once one’s mind goes “outside the box.“ When this limb, this vine, isn’t severed we often refer to the experience as creative thinking, insight, inspiration, innovation, genius, the numinous, revelation, etc.

This is directly available to everyone, as the only requirement for creative thought is a suspension of the urge to think in strict patterns and to allow thinking to deviate from those patterns.

Consciousness and/or the meta-tool of thought is the leading edge of Morrison’s hyper-entity. It is always the most novel and evolved/evolving point. We are under the the illusion of experiencing this ongoing evolutionary process as the snippets in spacetime that we refer to as discrete “lifeforms.” In essence we ignore the incalculable number of lightyears of travel and the incalculable number of biological incarnations that brought us to this very moment—to this very mind that is reading this sentence.

The three statements above could be called intuitively obvious—there are no leaps of faith presented. This is a crude, but precise outline, of so-called “Reality.” To summarize: 1) The ecosystem is fractal in nature. 2) All life is connected throughout spacetime. 3) Consciousness is a meta-tool. When we let go of culture, of knowledge, of pattern, of heliocentrism, race, ideology and so on; this is obviously the place that we actually live in. This is the pressing matter of our shared circumstance. If we realize this and live this on a being level, then we can say that we are one step closer to living honest lives—and that is because we are already living here quite physically. This is our position.

3. Closing

I doubt the observations made above can be argued away though. If they are accurate then we must begin some kind of discussion and personal examination of our own maturity.

What is maturity? Surely it is not merely age, or acting your age, as it is not uncommon to encounter both immature geriatrics and august children. Maturity  has to deal with one’s relationship to truth.

What is truth? Truth could be thought of as the more rigid rules and trends that are encountered beyond personal and subjective opinion or influence. Our planet rotating around a star that is rotating around a galaxy, or F=ma, or E=mc2 are trends we can set our watches to. Such trends represent the clockwork of our very lives. All of the above are true insofar as they are all trends.

Now what are the trends for our species at this time? Today suicide is the number one cause of injury-related death and there is a battle to keep the planet from being polluted beyond the point of no return. Observe both these trends, as they are the worlds we live in. Don’t just pass over those two facts. Be with them, for they both define our species at this time. These are the conditions we have created for ourselves. We are, as individuals and a society, stuck in utterly miserable conditions. One reason for this might be found in this pattern thinking and the pattern of being that is necessarily generates as a byproduct. Both thinking and being inform and reinforce each other. We don’t allow thought become creative, thus we do not allow ourselves to become creative. We resist it with total effort. We refuse to explore or investigate. We prefer to describe, complain, repeat ourselves, and conform. This is why we have this question, “What is going on?” If we are sincere in this query, the answer eventually stands before us nakedly, “We are going on. We are these conditions that we are experiencing.” I do not think that these trends are something to be afraid of and panic about as much as they are something to learn from.

Then there is our ever-developing technological power. As one philosopher pointed out, “It’s almost as though God’s joke on us is to give us so much power and knowledge that we will either transcend ourselves or we will certainly destroy ourselves because the power and understanding being given to us is of Godlike proportion,” (McKenna). Through Google Earth everything can be seen. Though weapons and industrial accidents, entire ecosystems can be instantly destroyed. We are creating synthetic lifeforms from scratch, manipulating DNA, we are now 3D-printing the very future into existence. We are creating worlds through virtual reality and closing in on artificial intelligence. These are all godlike powers and thus imply that they require a godlike responsibility. As technology naturally amplifies the nature, the quality, of the user, we must ask ourselves, what kind of maturity is at the helm of these godlike powers? We are mostly a pained, fearful, greedy, vengeful, divisive, conformist, ego-driven group that is full of personal conflict. We are more like the corporation when it is at its worst. We do not live as the hyper-entity. We do not see the fractal ecosystem or the holism of life, all things, and all processes. We live in, yet refuse to look at, the sheer utterness, if you will permit me, of Reality (as outlined above). We overlook the pressing matter of our shared circumstance, which is in fact a shared circumstance. Rather we encounter the local color of our culture, of their tradition, their measurements of time and space, their forms of thinking and so on. We come in contact with that local color and then take it upon ourselves to become its arbitrary shade. We then go to war on the street and in ourselves smeared in its hue.

We have generally not exhibited a godlike wisdom or a godlike love. Charles Sanders Peirce and Tom Campbell have both written on a vision of evolutionary love, which is the kind of love that I am referring to here. This, I feel, may be part of the maturity I am alluding to—that relationship with truth. For such technological powers would not be a potentially suicidal problem for the individual, society, and the planet, if we had a richer ethical or moral reasoning. Indeed if we are all part of the same hyper-entity it becomes difficult for me to strike out at you, or spite you; for I am striking out at the very same fabric that we both are. You are the very same immortal cell that I am. It is better off then, I think, that we collaborate and help each other; acknowledging that we are the same fabric, the same system, the same process. All is obviously one and evolving as one. Perhaps the disorientation that these observations allude to may smooth a psychological transition from the heliocentric to the cosmocentric.

I have made this open letter as simple, clear, and concise as humanly possible. I apologize for any offending vocabulary, grammar, or punctuation. This is a summary of the circumstances as I interpret them.

It is my full intention for this letter to be part of the public record.

Most sincerely, 

Eliott Andrew Edge

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