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The following has been included as a sort of a guide for those thinking of trying out the bioenergy generating technique described in Psyclone.

I say ‘sort of a guide’ because it’s offered more along the lines of ‘this is what I did’ rather than ‘this is how you do it’. My experience has been experimental and in isolation, with only fragmented academic support from yoga and kundalini research, and years later, still contains many unanswered questions.

As stated in the preface to Psyclone, the credit, or blame, for what happens to an individual as a result of using this technique rests solely with that person.

Which may sound ominous, but perhaps so it should. Regular input of energies of this type changes the energy processing capacity and habits of the organism. This invariably changes the person we are, usually for the better. It also has the potential to trigger a psychophysiological change in the whole organism, often described as a Kundalini awakening (This is covered briefly later).

Basically the practice involves the utilisation of a combination of what some would describe as ‘esoteric’ techniques for generating and harnessing large amounts of bioenergy. Personal uses for the energy have been projection, transmission, circulation, or simply allowing the energy to find it’s own course. The process energises body and mind and has resulted in direct and indirect benefits. It has also prompted mental, emotional, and psychic ‘challenges’, that only with hindsight have I seen as beneficial.

The energies I combine are Reiki and Prana. Reiki is a specific frequency, or set of frequencies, and the system for working with them. Prana is the energetic component of the air we breathe, and corresponds with the Chi system in Oriental medicine. The bioenergy generating technique works with just Prana. From an objective investigational viewpoint, the fact that Reiki can’t be ‘controlled’, unlike Prana/Chi, means that personally I can’t accurately assess the differences between a solely pranic technique and a Reiki/Prana combination. As it is I intentionally include Reiki because it feels right to, as it does in all other areas of my life.

The methodology described includes the use of tools like smudge and crystals. These days I include fewer tools in my practice following my intuition that ‘the answer has to be accessible to everyone regardless of external circumstances’, external circumstances in this instance being awareness of, and access to, tools like smudge and crystals. But they can help. Smudge has yet to be validated by science for its space clearing ability. That said, some advanced cultures have, and still do, use specific kinds of smoke to manipulate the immediate energetic environment. Despite the New Age connotations of crystals, their energetic properties (specific frequencies, coherence, resonance, etc,) and uses are recognised and utilised by science and industry.

savasanaSavasana (Sav) is a yogic pose, otherwise known as ‘the corpse pose’, and is very basically lying on the back with arms by the sides. Agni-Prasana is a pranayama (yogic) breathing exercise, otherwise known as ‘the bellows breath’, where air is dynamically and rhythmically pumped in and out using the diaphragm like bellows. Although dynamic, no tension should be felt in the abdominal muscles, chest or shoulders. Agni-Prasana is used in yoga with certain postures and movements that put pressure on various nerve plexuses and glandular centres to charge the system.

chakras-caduceus_copy1The chakra areas that the energy is directed through are recognised from Vedic tradition through to Oriental medicine as being energy collection and distribution centres, attached to a central spine-related core. Generally, seven major centres are recognised, along with a host of minor centres.

These are intrinsically bound with the meridian system used in, for instance, acupuncture. The location of the chakras are (very basically!): Base – around the base of the spine/perineum; Sacral – navel area; Solar Plexus – around the ‘v’ where the ribs part; Heart – mid-chest; Throat; Brow – middle of the forehead above the eyebrows; Crown.

gasshoGassho is a Reiki term for a meditational focus. Basically it involves sitting comfortably and putting the hands together in front of the chest in the ‘prayer position’, and focusing awareness lightly on the touching fingertips and the breathing.

The bringing together of the quasi-physical nexus in the hands, wrists, and chest, particularly those relating to the heart, may be a reason why this position is replicated throughout so many spiritual traditions worldwide.

Because one is dealing with increased amounts of energy, a good idea is to get into the habit of ‘grounding’. Basically these are activities that help to offload excess energy into the environment in much the same way as a lightning rod will prevent damage to a building by earthing the lightning charge. Visualisations (of a grounding rod or roots extending into the ground), walking, preferably in nature (where sitting or leaning against a tree can have palpable effects), and dietary additions, can all help with excess energy problems. The importance of grounding is explained and stressed in the kundalini literature mentioned below. ‘Blowing a fuse’ is not an uncommon near-literal phenomena

The above descriptions are deliberately brief. Anyone taking up the practice should familiarise themselves with more details of the above. Multiple references can be found online, or in the associated literature.

The following is a page of methodology written some years ago when I first began a regular practice.


Space is cleared (smudged using white sage, juniper etc) and bands set (Medicine Wheel traced with smudge in the four directions)

On a thin mat in Sivasana (Sav). Mentally state intentions and centre. Focus Reiki and Prana (generated with the Agni-Prasana) with the hands starting at base chakra (numbered as 1, up to Crown 7) holding for approx 3-4 minutes at each area. Timing depends on prep’ length, system state and session frequency.

After the first pass (from 1 – 7) open chakras individually, visualising the chakra as a flower and inserting coned fingers to ‘spread the petals’. Energy is then focused with coned fingers.

Early sensations include a skin smell specific to this activity, indescribable but which definitely only manifests (or is noticed) when using this technique. Another is a ‘metallic but not metallic’ taste that emerges during pranayama breathing and is again specific to the period.

Usual energy symptoms begin in the second pass with excessive cold starting at the feet and moving up rapidly. This is followed by vibrations/buzzing at the extremities and around each chakra area. Immediately following the cold, a whole-body flush of cold sweating that grows more profuse and continues until after energy intake ceases. As energy saturation levels are reached, marked by intense vibrations all over, especially at the primary and secondary chakra points, sensations in the lower arms and hands are of a ‘thickening’/increasing pressure. Taken further, spastic reactions manifest in the hands with cramp-like sensations until they form hooked claws resembling arthritic hands. Usually before this stage I stop the pranayama and focus the energy on whatever activity is planned.

(Correlations can be seen here between the some of the phenomena in the previous paragraph and that described by Robert Bruce in his Treatise on Astral Projection.)

The exercise covers around thirty minutes.

Variations on the above include the use of crystals, especially quartz, to amplify the energy. This produces faster peaks and a vigorous intensity to the vibrations.

Once the technique was used following a day fasting which resulted in a rapid and essentially uncontrolled energy rise and peak. Peak physical sensations were of being crushed whilst experiencing intense pressure from within. Mentally I was panicked as the energy kept increasing to very painful levels outside of my control. All attempts to dissipate the energy failed, (it’s possible that had I been less panicked I might have been able to achieve something, but as it was I felt like I was being crushed and going to explode!)


As mentioned earlier, this technique has the potential to trigger a psychophysiological change known as a Kundalini awakening. I would advise reading up on as much information on Kundalini as possible, before and during practice. To trigger the shift is to step off the beaten track and enter unusual and challenging territory. As Carl Jung stated, the awakening of Kundalini out of potentiality is to ‘start a world which is totally different from our world: it is a world of eternity’.

The transcript of the Thinking Allowed Productions TV interview between psychologists Lee Sannella and Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove entitled ‘What is Kundalini‘ gives a balanced overview on the phenomena.

bookcoverMuch recommended is the online book The Biology of Kundalini – A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy by Jana Dixon. This work achieves what no other work I have come across has in presenting information from not only spiritual and traditional angles, but also from a modern scientific angle too. If you consult only one source of information, it should be this one.

Other sources are Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, Gopi Krishna; The Kundalini Experience, Lee Sannella, M.D.; Energies of Transformation, Bonnie Greenwell, and the works of El Collie, available from the Shared Transformation Network.

It has been suggested that I include a warning for people with asthma, high blood pressure, etc. Rather than be part of what I see as an insidious dumbing down process through treating people as if they’re stupid, I would suggest each individual read up on the information and decide for themselves on the most appropriate course of action. That said, I would also advise careful consideration of the experiences of those who have gone before. The changes to one’s life as a result of an awakening cannot be underemphasised, and often manifest in disturbing and traumatic ways. The Preface to The Biology of Kundalini says it all.

Links related to Out Of Body projection and Remote Viewing research, and other Human Potential sciences can be found in the appendix of Psyclone.

Good luck and happy travels!

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