The London Olympics and the Need For Thinking in Advance

This post, as with others on this blog, is not intended to contain all the data there is on the subject covered. What I hope to present is an overview through which it will be possible to gestalt the situation. Links are provided throughout…, for a reason, (links with an asterisk are essential reading). Without […]... Read More

Where There is no Dentist

Earlier in the year the post Where There is no Doctor provided readers with the medical handbook of the same name, arguably one of the most useful medical handbooks available. The handbook, which has been used as a resource by many aid workers worldwide, is also  a valuable resource for anyone who is interested or […]... Read More
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Surveillance Self-Defence

If you are looking for basic technical information on how to protect the privacy of your data in computer and mobile phone use, one of the best places to look is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self-Defence Project. There you will find advice on Defensive Technology for computers and mobile devices. The article Mobile Surveillance […]... Read More

Tech Tools for Activists

Recent days have revealed the shocking lack of security awareness of some politically active groups and individuals. As a result under consideration is a new Centre of the Psyclone blog page that will feature posts containing the kind of information needed to redress this risky…no, this potentially dangerous situation. Advice and information will include the […]... Read More