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Peace – It’s In Your Hands! #NoMoreWar

Hands up who wants peace! All those with their hands down, please be advised, you’re reading the wrong blog. All those with their hands up, what would you do if given an extremely simple, tried and tested, effective way of promoting peace? A method much safer than smashing the nose cones of fighter jets or […]... Read More

A Change of Heart Changes Everything

A slightly dated, but still excellent, introduction and overview by Jurriaan Kamp of the research being done by the Heartmath Institute. For more up to date information and free, downloadable resources, follow the link. A California institute demonstrates how people can actually make their heart beat in a healthier way. Through its research, the Institute of […]... Read More

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

(If there’s a post worth a repost, it’s this one) In 1969 and 70 John Lennon and Yoko Ono spread a specific message of peace around the world. American combat troops had been fighting in Vietnam since 1965, and around 45,000 Americans had already been killed by the end of 1969. Almost half a million […]... Read More