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The New Updated 2nd Edition of Psyclone is Out!

Not only that, but it’s free to download in a variety of formats for a limited time. If you’re looking for or want to give someone something more than entertainment or distraction, something that actually connects to usable information that improves and even changes lives, go download it.... Read More

A Question of Privacy

Earlier this year, Royal Mail issued new guidelines on prohibited and restricted items that can and can’t be sent in UK and international mail. On the surface of it, these guidelines set out and clarify what was mostly common knowledge. The clarification itself appears innocuous enough, as mail and courier companies need to ensure the […]... Read More
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Surveillance Self-Defence

If you are looking for basic technical information on how to protect the privacy of your data in computer and mobile phone use, one of the best places to look is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self-Defence Project. There you will find advice on Defensive Technology for computers and mobile devices. The article Mobile Surveillance […]... Read More

Tech Tools for Activists

Recent days have revealed the shocking lack of security awareness of some politically active groups and individuals. As a result under consideration is a new Centre of the Psyclone blog page that will feature posts containing the kind of information needed to redress this risky…no, this potentially dangerous situation. Advice and information will include the […]... Read More

Activist Security Handbook

Anyone considering exercising and/or protecting their democratic rights, and/or trying to change the world into a better place would benefit from reading the Activist Security Handbook. Written by UK activists who have successfully campaigned for over a decade in the face of increasing repression from the state and corporations, it was first published in 2004 […]... Read More