Freeing Leonard Peltier The Scientific Way


(Sent to the Leonard Peltier Defense Commitee and other support groups)


I write to you with an idea I want to share with all supporters of Leonard. In essence it’s probably not an original idea, but as I’ve not heard it expressed in this detail, I felt to share it.

Many of you will know the power of vision, recognised as it is in native tradition. Others outside of that tradition may also be aware of the concept and/or reality of focused intention. For those that aren’t, long ago science validated the traditional knowledge that our thoughts influence reality. Despite this being accepted scientific fact, especially in the field of Quantum Mechanics, the concept is usually pictured as fringe, flaky or kooky. A possible reason for this trivialising in the mainstream media is that such knowledge can restore to each individual power taken away as a result of conditioning within societies that operate according to teachings and systems based on Newtonian science. Despite being consigned to the bin by the likes of Einstein and Schrödinger in the middle of last century, Newtonian physics is still being taught in schools.

What some call ‘manifestation’ has correlations with ‘quantum decoherence’, the reduction of a quantum wave function described by quantum physicists from a ‘superposition’ of all possible states, wherein every possibility already exists, into a single state where one of those possibilities becomes reality.

intention-experiment-examplesSeveral years ago an international group of scientists conducted the first worldwide, double-blind series of experiments to test the effect of focused intention. The experiments demonstrated that focused intent has a observable and measurable effect on matter, even materials shielded inside a Faraday cage on the other side of the world.

One of the underlying principles of manifestation is that focus must be on the desired outcome as if it were already the case. For a simplistic example, manifestation of money would involve visualising having the money and the feelings and emotions (relief, elation, etc) having it would produce. This would be rather than focusing on the desire to have money, which would influence the (continued) collapsing of the wave function into the state producing the desire, i.e. poverty.

leonard-peltier-parole-hearing-released-from-prison-leonard-peltier-out-on-paroleMy idea is this, that on a regular basis, even on a specific day of the week or month we can synchronise to, each individual supporter of Leonard visualise how they will feel on his release.  See him on this side of the prison gates. Hear the cheering and whooping of the crowd, see the tears running down people’s faces. See Leonard. He’s smiling a huge smile, tears are running down his face. His hands are in the air. Free at last, free at last!

As I write this the tears stream down my face. The feeling is real, the time is real, let’s bring it into the now. We have the power.

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