Welcome to the Centre of the Psyclone


It’s said that it’s better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness. Psyclone is a novel with a difference. It is both lighthouse and spotlight, written to reveal things that are being hidden from the reader about themselves and the world. The sole purpose of the novel, and this website, is to connect people with crucially important information on a range of subjects and issues that affect every one of us. In them you will find information that you won’t find floating in the mainstream.

Woven within the novel is a blueprint with the potential to transform our world, literally. Not only is the fast-paced story crammed with information, which takes you to new areas of science and reality, research sources and supporting material are provided in an extensive, interactive appendix.

Various components of the book form a workable blueprint consisting of scientifically tried and tested technology and techniques. There are those who have been perceptive enough to see the potential in this information, and proactive enough to embrace the knowledge and incorporate it into their lives, and in doing so have not only improved their lives but have also joined with others around the world in pushing back the shadow and catalysing a quantum leap out of the swamp of outdated thought into the amazing futures that await us.


Once sufficiently informed and with a little imagination and daring we, all of us, can find new ways of doing things that benefit us all and can change the world for the better, quicker than you might think.


Knowledge is power. Your ignorance is their bliss.