Information on Effective Alternative Treatments for Cancer

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of hearing the phrase, ‘died from cancer’ or ‘lost the battle against cancer’. The incidence of cancer is so high now that there aren’t many people who don’t personally know, or know of, someone who has, or who has died from cancer.

Due to the way statistics are collected and processed, cancer incidence and mortality data lag three to four years behind the current year. Based on that data though The American Cancer Society, Inc Facts & Figures publications, which present the most current trends in cancer occurrence, estimated that in 2014 there would be 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed in the US, within which an estimated 10,450 new cases were expected to occur among children. Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths. In the UK, the Macmillan Cancer Support organisation estimated that in the same year 42% of Britons would get cancer, that’s 4 out of 10 people. A statement by Macmillian chief executive Clare Devane in the UK media informed that in 2011 there were 2 million people in the UK that had cancer and that figure was expected to double over the next few years.

Official causative factors remain smoking and lifestyle (bad diet, lack of exercise) with no mention whatsoever of the massive list of known carcinogens, cancer-causing substances, that are allowed to be released into the environment and the human food supply, (such as those discussed in previous articles on this site).

Each year billions are raised by charities around the world and spent on cancer research, which goes to developing early detection methods and new treatments.

What most people don’t know is that there are non-toxic, holistic methods for treating cancer that have a proven record of success, several of them in clinical settings. Without fail, all these methods are suppressed and demonised and any health practitioners that use them hounded, prosecuted and/or struck off the medical register. Two classic examples of this are Rene Caisse and Dr Tullio Simoncini.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who ran a clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario from 1934-1942. During that time she helped hundreds of people using a simple herbal mixture. The initial use of Essiac was so encouraging that a group of doctors assisted her in setting up a test lab and clinic, even going so far as to petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa, asking that she be given facilities to do independent research on the treatment. (For more information

Italian Dr Simoncini, an oncologist, successfully treated cancers and tumours using Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3), and for that was struck off the medical register (

Both of the above therapies are labeled, as are all non-pharmaceutical therapies, ‘pseudomedicine’ or quackery by the mainstream medical profession and the mainstream press, despite the mountain of evidence that shows them to be effective. The same agencies however, continue to promote mammograms, despite the fact that mammograms cause cancer, and other cancer-causing pharmaceutical treatments for cancer.

This post could go on and run into pages and pages of data on real causes of cancer and the dangers of conventional cancer treatments. I leave that for reader’s own research. The purpose of this post is to provide, in one package, a significant amount of data on effective non-toxic treatments for cancer. Included in the data are information sources to aid that research.

The following is from the Read Me First notice within the package:

This data has been collected over a period of years and used successfully by others and myself. Unless you’ve looked into this sort of thing already, what you’ll read will potentially challenge your views. The fact is, cancer is not a “terminal disease” and doctor doesn’t necessarily know best. The human body is an amazing thing and can do amazing things if given what it needs. In most cases what it needs is found in nature.

For a start I would suggest that you get informed about the cancer industry. You will discover that things are not as they, the industry generally, oncologists, consultants, etc, would have you believe. The articles in the Professional Advice and Info file will get you started. There are videos online (YouTube, for instance) that deal with proven cancer cures that have been suppressed by the cancer industry, The Rene Caisse Story is one such, and is about Essiac, a herbal treatment developed by Caisse and used to successfully treat numerous people until she was effectively shut down, which as you’ll see is the reaction to medical professionals who successfully treat cancer with natural non-pharmaceutical means.

Obviously there are well-meaning medical practitioners out there, but in situations such as these even they can be handicapped by the allopathic approach to the body that sees it as a collection of bits rather than a whole. Few have gained a perspective outside of the box of medical school training, and most have succumbed to the prevailing bias and dogma.

I’ve included information on substances that have a proven track record and are easy to obtain. Again, when you look into it, you’ll likely be amazed at how many fairly household items can be used against cancer. I say ‘used against cancer’, but I don’t want to give the impression that these alternative approaches are some kind of ‘just take this three times a day’, magic silver bullet kind of treatment. Although these treatments all have a proven record of effectiveness, most within clinical settings and/or resulting from rigorous scientific research, what is usually needed here is a complete reassessment of personal health management, medicine in general, and the medical industry. The information in this file is provided with that in mind, as well as with providing data on specific treatments.

Lots more information can be found online about the substances mentioned and other natural, non-toxic, holistic ways of regaining health. The links in the headers of many of these articles are good starting points for your own research.

I’ll say it again, cancer is not a terminal disease. It is serious, chronic even, but it’s not unbeatable. Information is your best tool, and fortunately there’s a load out there. Look into it for yourself. Don’t expect doctors to give you all the information you need, especially when it comes to the statistical dangers of their treatments (see the booklet Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About).

The package, a PDF folder entitled Information on Alternative Treatments for Cancer, can be freely downloaded from Dropbox using the following link:

Please download and share, the file and/or the link, 
as widely as possible.

With well wishes.

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