Peace – It’s In Your Hands! #NoMoreWar

Hands up who wants peace!

All those with their hands down, please be advised, you’re reading the wrong blog.

All those with their hands up, what would you do if given an extremely simple, tried and tested, effective way of promoting peace? A method much safer than smashing the nose cones of fighter jets or lying down in front of rolling tanks; easier and so much more meaningful and influential than marching down the street (yawn); a method that went viral back in the day when only viruses did, that was instrumental in indicating the wave of public response against the Vietnam War? Would you use it?

Here’s how: next time you’re in a situation where you would give a thumbs up or a wave, say for instance, you’re driving and someone lets you pull out or pull in, instead of a wave or thumb up, flash a peace sign. It’s that simple! It’s even safer in that context, given that more fingers remain in contact with the steering wheel. Say ‘Peace’ at the same time, (it’s okay, don’t be inhibited, they can’t hear you and possibly will never see you again), and the mouth naturally forms a smile when you say it. The smile, the vibe, and the sign will lift your spirits, guaranteed, and you never know, it might catch on.


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