Questions on Compassion – What Would You Do?

One thing I know for sure is that my faith in my human kin is wafer thin. Now I know faith shouldn’t be dependent on perceived reality, but in my experience humans are far more likely and willing to fall short of the mark when it comes to thought and action of the compassionate, altruistic, benevolent or noble kind.

Now nobody likes to think of themselves as selfish or uncharitable, and I imagine most people reassure themselves with the thought that if it were needed, whatever it was, that they would have what it takes to step up to the mark and do what they could.

This post is by way of a reality check of that assumption, one which I hope will inspire some self-reflective thought.

The examples shown in the videos include easily scripted, recordable incidents, that nevertheless demonstrate a point. They are just three of a long list of the ‘what would you do’ kind (in case you need the message reinforcing or your faith trashing).

My point is that there are a wide variety of circumstances we potentially meet in our lives, usually not as dramatic as those shown, but which are just as important opportunities for us to keep that ‘what it takes’ within reach and not let it get buried under society conditioning and habit.

I apologise to those who didn’t need their faith testing anymore, but felt it worth the risk if it would make just one person think and maybe change the way they walk through life. To those who feel more depressed after this, there are ‘restore your faith in humanity’ videos out there too, but I reckon maybe getting out there yourself and actively looking for a opportunity for a good deed (you’ll find one, big or small) will actually restore something much deeper.



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