Breaking With Consensus Reality – From The Politics of Consent to the Seduction of Revolution

Excerpted from the publication , a meditation on desire,insurrection, and the unknown. We who fight to create a freer world face a fundamental contradiction. On one hand, we don’t want to become a vanguard, “leading” or imposing our will on others, as that would run counter to our anti-authoritarian values. On the other hand, we […]... Read More


Greetings patient readers. Thanks for hanging in there during this extended absence. Normal service is slowly being resumed. The following is the first of a series (not necessarily in chronological order) of warm up exercises for your brain. What is a “CrimethInc”? From What is crimethink? Today, everything that can’t be bought, sold, or faked […]... Read More

The Masque of Anarchy

In August 1819, a gathering of 20,000 working people assembled in Manchester to listen to “Orator” Hunt. The meeting was to have been entirely constitutional in character, and the workers brought their wives and babes as hostages for their good behaviour. The meeting had but fairly started when a regiment of cavalry charged down upon […]... Read More