Wikileaks from a variety of angles

I’ve had my last word on Wikileaks. The issue is so important though that I’ve introduced this post in which I’ll keep posting links to other sources who haven’t. Whilst it’s not my habit to present information from solely one source, initially at least, the majority of links are to articles posted on the website […]... Read More

My Last Word on Wikileaks

I mentioned in a previous post on the same subject how my feelings about the herd-mentality behaviour I’m witnessing have led to me seriously considering disconnecting from networks like Twitter. The behaviour I was referring to was the knee-jerk reactions to what I called the Wikileaks Circus. In the post I called for more critical […]... Read More

It’s Time to Think About Wikileaks

The reason I feel moved to be sat here at four o’clock in the morning writing this is because I’ve become increasingly disturbed and demoralised by the general herd-like reactions I’m witnessing in response to the circus that’s in town. At the beginning of the month I wrote a post ‘Wikileaks? Wait a Minute! describing […]... Read More

Wikileaks? Wait a minute!

The Wikileaks document release, or ‘Cablegate’ as sensationalists have jumped to name it needs to be thought about more than it seems it is being. Already, intelligent and usually clear-thinking people are reacting with one knee-jerk reaction or another as the drama unfolds. Now I don’t claim to have any answers, and have reached no […]... Read More