2011 – A Partial Review, Part III – The Occupy Movement Protests

More than any other event in 2011, the Occupy Movement protests moved me the most. When I say moved though, I don’t mean in a jumping-for-joy, congratulatory way. At one point, it was to tears. I’m naturally herd-shy, and tend to steer clear of groups for very practical reasons as well as a slightly more […]... Read More

Occupy Reality: #context, re: peaceful protests (and more)

Mickey Z at The Fair Share of the Common Heritage “Democracy don’t rule the world/You’d better get that in your head/This world is ruled by violence/But I guess that’s better left unsaid” — Bob Dylan Just as talk begins of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) seeking to expand beyond Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza, comes NYPD Commissioner Ray […]... Read More