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How thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women are waging peace

The thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women who marched in Jerusalem and Jericho this month are not only demanding peace from their societies, they are reaching through stereotypes and artificial boundaries to find true partners. By Riman Barakat   Less than a year ago a group of Palestinian and Israeli women spent a weekend in […]... Read More

A comprehensive overview on the Palestine/Israel Conflict

The preface of Psyclone states that ‘whatever you see on television, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers has been, at the very least, allowed. More often than not though, it has been meticulously designed using principles of behavioural psychology and linguistics toward very specific aims. Put another way, if your channels of […]... Read More

Freedom for Palestine

Freedom for Palestine – That’s my House mix by Phil Jones from Specimen A Freedom for Palestine – Drum & Bass mix by Dan Birch Freedom for Palestine – Disco Nutter mix by Yasen Velchev Week of release 3 July 2011. Available to pre-order now. Palestine is in crisis. Today Palestinians face daily human rights […]... Read More