Strikes and Strikes

(First posted 28th June, 2011) Thursday sees a day of industrial action in Britain in response to the Government’s attack on public sector pensions. 92% of teachers in the NUT and ATL voted in favour of a walkout  in response to the Tory government (and it is a Tory government) embarking on an ideologically-driven and […]... Read More

Specific suggestion: General strike

By Garret Keizer Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust. —Isaiah 26:19 1. Of all the various depredations of the Bush regime, none has been so thorough as its plundering of hope. Iraq will recover sooner. What was supposed to have been the crux of our foreign policy—a shock-and-awe tutorial on the utter futility […]... Read More

In Anticipation of a General Strike

The opening post of the Centre of the Psyclone blog showed how on track Psyclone was with its projections and anticipated events, having depicted the student protests over a year before they happened.This sample extract from the novel further demonstrates the point, and gives an insight into how pending industrial actions and protests could develop. […]... Read More