Wireless Dangers

(This post was written around 2010, making the information in it a little dated. It is, however, still very relevant)

‘Virtually everyone from rug rat to wrinkly has got a phone on them or near them twenty four seven.’

‘It’s no joke, Dyl’. Even with the most rudimentary grasp of biological systems, it’s obvious that pulsed microwave radiation is damaging. If it interferes with aviation and hospital equipment, then it interferes with the even more delicate electromagnetism of the brain and body, regardless of whether any thermal effects occur. And then there’s the carcinogenic effect of microwave radiation.’     (Quote from Psyclone)

There is no form of modern technology that has become as much a part of the lives of most people in the developed world as the mobile phone (or cell phone for our overseas cousins). Most individuals of all ages, all races and religions, (except maybe the Amish who reject that level of technology), in all countries of the developed world have one within reach ‘twenty-four seven’. It’s hard to imagine a modern business and social world without the mobile phone.

What isn’t commonly known or discussed are the dangers of this technology. Two reasons why this isn’t known or discussed could be the fact that, as with so much other information, this information is being kept away from the public by a media with vested interests and corporate connections. Another reason is a human psychological bias that affects how we take in information, which is covered in depth in Appendix II of Psyclone, A Word on Cognitive Dissonance.

The fact is though, the findings of a large body of research from a variety of countries associates long-term usage of mobile phones with a disturbingly long list of conditions including memory and concentration problems, early onset dementia, autism, learning disabilities, depression, cancerous conditions including brain tumours, leukaemia and testicular cancer, sperm damage and reduction, chronic fatigue, heart and circulatory damage, the list goes on.

Ambient microwave radiation levels and the widespread use of wireless devices has given rise to a sickness called Microwave Syndrome. The parameters of this sickness are described in the Freiburger Appeal, a document signed by over 2000 German medical doctors. In it the doctors said they are observing a “dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases,” especially:

  •  Cancerous conditions, including leukemia and brain tumors
  • Learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (including ADD)
  • Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, not controllable by medication
  •  Heart rhythm disorders Heart attacks and strokes among very young people
  • Degenerative brain disorders and epilepsy
  • Ear nerve damage and tinnitus
  • Immune system inadequacy and susceptibility to infection
  • Nervous and connective tissue pain for which there is no explanation
  • Chronic exhaustion, severe headaches, nervousness and sleep disorders

The document, and the conditions listed in the previous paragraph, are mentioned in detail in the excellently researched and extensively referenced Idaho Observer article The Health Implications of Playing With Big Brother’s Most Cool Tool. The article connects 125 referenced dots to advance a disturbing hypothesis: “The wireless age is shortening our lives and endangering the planet.” This article, the second of a two-part piece written in 2006, and Part 1 of the series need to be read by everyone.

Generation X-ray: Child Victims of Technological Abuse and Generation X’d Out by the same researcher, detail the harmful effects and damage to children using mobile and wireless devices, and the threat to the human species as a whole.

Powerwatch is a UK non-profit independent organisation that for the last 20 years has been researching Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation effects on health. This article details several epidemiological papers published over the last 10 years that have studied mobile phones and brain cancer. It also describes some of the bias that has led to certain studies producing misleading conclusions. The fairly lengthy article can be downloaded (PDF) from here.


“One of my biggest concerns over the effects of mobile phones and pulse-modulated microwaves on the body are their effects on this organ, especially as it’s so close to the transmitting device, and especially as that device can be used to cook eggs.” (Psyclone)

One of the most recent demonstrations of the fact that mobile phones emit sufficient microwaves to cook an egg was by conducted by two Pravda journalists, Lagovski and Moiseynko.

The following are some of the videos listed in the appendix of Psyclone:

Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution

Skull Penetration of Cell Phone Radiation in Children

Cell Phone War


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