Dear prospective reader

Psyclone, the reason for this website, took nearly four years to research and write. My sole reason for spending the time and energy it took was to connect people with information that was being kept away from them. Before Chelsea Manning, Wikileaks and Edward Snowden made the term 'whistle blower' a household name, people were already discovering through Psyclone that things were not as they seemed. Unlike those whistle blowers though, Psyclone revealed more than devious and immoral political manoeuvring. As important as it is that there be transparency in that area, it's only half the story. Over the past near half a century there have been great advances made in the fields of science and human potential. This information too has been suppressed by those whose power-base it would weaken, notably the State, the church, and the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. All have sought to, and been largely successful at, keeping information away from people that would release them from their stranglehold.

Psyclone contains and links to information and information sources that have the potential to turn that situation around.

Initially I made the novel freely available, my primary aim being to get the information out to as many people as possible, not making money. The production costs and the maintenance costs for this site I carried myself, feeling as Alice Walker once said, that my activism was the rent I paid for living on this planet. Recently however, it's become really difficult to meet my financial needs. So I looked into all the normal ways that money is made in this sphere. Unfortunately, all of them go against the grain in some way, like 'monetising' this website with advertisements or affiliates, or paid subscription and pay-to-view schemes. I refuse to get into bed with advertisers, and making people pay for the information I'm trying so hard to spread just doesn't make sense.

There are still sources online where you can download the book for free. But the information-dense resource that it is is worth every penny, and the income from book sales will help me to continue providing free, quality, useable information of the kind that improves lives. Take a look at some of the information in the Articles section to see what I'm talking about. As soon as I'm able, this site will be remodelled to make all the information from the last four years more easily accessible.

I know that everybody, and I do mean everybody, can benefit from the information in Psyclone. The description on the home page isn't hype. At around the price of a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, it costs much less than it's really worth.

My thanks in advance.