There are plenty of websites that focus on the socio-political problems we face. Whilst this information is essential to understanding, too often one comes away feeling disempowered and hopeless at the scale and depth of the rot. Because Psyclone’s ultimate aim is reconnecting people with their power, the information provided in the novel and through this site doesn’t stop with the problems. As the novel’s character Edward says,

‘Yes, it’s dark and heavy, but it’s also quite exciting. Connect with that excitement and naturally its vibration will energise your response and creativity. We’re cresting the wave.’

This section, and other entries in the appendix of Psyclone, puts you in touch with the research and findings of some of the most advanced and forward-thinking minds in the fields of science and human potential, and shows that there are answers to our problems. Again I quote from Psyclone:

‘The State can’t have people developing their full potential. It’s harder to use or manipulate intelligent, aware and high functioning people. They don’t make good consumers or workplace fodder for business and government…